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Memories Varadero, Varadero, Cuba, May 23 to 27, 2021
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The Meeting will organize the following topics:

1. Animal welfare and development of biopharmaceuticals products under pre-clinical regulatory requirements and the application of 3 Rs

2. Alternative Methods to Animal Experimentation

3. IACUC and its role on the care and use of laboratory animal

4. Environmental Enrichment and Behavioral Management

5. Animal Model development

6. Staff training and Facilities accreditation

7. Updating preclinical regulatory framework and development of the preclinical phase of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products

8. Zebrafish as an emerging Animal Model

9. Non-traditional animal models in research

10. Non-human primates as an experimental model. Challenges of its use

11. Preclinical Development of Drug and Biotechnological Products


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The great possibility to exchange and exhibit products from a specialized company will be also allowed in the framework of commercial technical sessions.


Hope to host you during the meeting !!!